Fire is powerful, but so is Sioux Falls Fire Rescue. Through education, prevention, and emergency management, we work tirelessly to battle any emergency - sometimes long before the call comes in.


The dynamics of fire demands specialty equipment that firefighters keep impeccably maintained and ready to go.


Crew Members 

No one firefighter can battle an emergency on their own! It demands that the firefighters work as a team. Learn about the specialized jobs each team member performs.

Crew Members

En-route to the Fire

Ride along with Sioux Falls Fire Rescue, and learn just why it’s important to yield the right of way for an emergency vehicle en-route to a call.

A Day in the Life 

Firefighters don’t spend every moment battling fire but their entire day is spent, in some way, preparing for that next call. Get a behind-the-scenes look at a firefighter’s day.

Day in the Life

At the Scene 

The look in their eyes and the exhaustion on their faces show just how dangerous and difficult it is to save lives and property!

At the scene