CPR Program

Sioux Falls Fire Rescue offers two types of CPR classes. Educational and American Heart Association Certification:

Educational CPR training: This course is designed for groups that do not need certification. The class will cover CPR/AED and First Aid basics. This class will help you to recognize an emergency and how to act fast when minutes matter most. You will learn in a fun, laid back class that is driven by the questions of the students. Class is free and takes about an hour.  There is no certification card but we can provide a roster for attendance. Classes are Thursday evenings or during normal business hours. Please contact SFFR for more information and scheduling.

American Heart Association® CPR certification- All AHA coursed use a blended learning format. Students will complete the online portion through the AHA. There is a separate fee for online content. Students can then register for a Hands on Skills session. There is a separate fee for the skills session and it takes about an hour. After completion of the online portion and skills session and AHA certification card will be issued.  Skills sessions are offered most Thursdays at 5pm.  View Calendar

The AHA offers a dynamic learning program which means the more you know the faster the online content will go! Most CPR classes can be completed in less than an hour. First Aid may take longer.

Certifications Offered:

Heartcode BLS®-This is designed for Medical professionals. (nurses, dental, physicians. EMS etc.)

Heartsaver® CPR AED- This is designed for anyone with little or no medical training.

Heartsaver® First Aid CPR AED- This class is the same as Heartsaver® CPR and includes First Aid

Heartsaver® Pediatric- This is specific to child care providers. It covers CPR and First Aid for children.

Please check with your employer, school, or licensing body to make sure you take the correct course.

Register for a Skills session. A printed certificate from the online portion must be presented at the skills session


Hands Only CPR

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