HIV/AIDS Programs

The Ryan White CARE Act

The Ryan White CARE Act is a federally funded program that consists of many different programs. The Part C Program is an Early Intervention Services program designed to help improve the quality and availability of primary health care with respect to HIV/AIDS disease.

Federal guidelines and a planning committee that is made up of representatives from health care, members of support groups, people living with HIV/AIDS disease, and members of various State agencies determined the benefits of this program. This grant was designed with the goal of helping people with HIV disease that are accessing their health care in eastern South Dakota.

All patients who apply for the Part C Program will have access to case management services. The case managers help people with HIV/AIDS find services they need such as medical care, health insurance assistance, assistance with paying for medications, financial help, food/nutrition assistance, housing, referral to substance use treatment programs and/or mental health services, transportation, and other types of services.

The Part C Program is a payer of last resort. Patients that are eligible for compensation through other programs, such as Medicare, Medicaid, or private health insurance, must first access assistance through those programs.