Patient Education Links

AIDSinfo (
The HIV/AIDS Clinical Trials Information Service (ACTIS) and its sister service, the HIV/AIDS Treatment Information Service (ATIS), have merged into AIDSinfo. Brochures, fact sheets, drug information, and clinical trial updates are all available, and may be accessed in English or in Spanish. 

American Social Health Association (
The mission of this organization founded in 1914, is to develop and disseminate accurate, medically reliable information on sexually transmitted diseases to the general public. Visitors to the Association website can find updates on its current/upcoming activities. Accurate facts- with emphasis on dispelling common misconceptions- are also provided for each of 14 different sexually transmitted diseases.

Body: An AIDS and HIV Information Resource, The (
The resources offered by this site may be characterized in one of two ways. First, the site offers basic reference information in 550 specific topic areas. Second, the Body connects patients with healthcare professionals (a regular "Ask the Expert" section), professional assistance of other types (contact information for the top AIDS support organizations), and one another (flourishing bulletin boards on a variety of topics).

Clinical Trial Data (
patients can gain immediate access to information about ongoing clinical trials

GMHC (Gay Men's Health Crisis) (
GMHC is a "not-for-profit, volunteer-supported and community-based organization committed to national leadership in the fight against AIDS." Highlights of the organization's website include an impressive section dedicated to nutrition, complete with healthy recipes, legal brochures covering debt management, disability, employee rights, and the like, and a helpful, common-sense article describing "Ten Ways to take Care of Yourself When You Have HIV Disease."

Join United Nations Program on AIDS (UNAIDS) (
For a more global perspective on the epidemic, visit this site, which offers a good deal of information on the disease itself, human rights and legal concerns, the epidemiology of HIV infection, and more. Click on "Publications" to open a huge archive of articles ranging from journalism to scholarship, where nearly any question you may have about the international effects of this pernicious condition is likely to be answered many times over.

National HIV Testing Resources (
This site has resources on HIV testing including a national database of HIV testing sites and answers to many questions about HIV/AIDS and testing. This site can help people locate an HIV testing site in their area.

Pediatric AIDS Foundation (
In 1988, wife and mother Elizabeth Glazer discovered that she, along with her children Ariel and Jake, was HIV-positive. In an effort to ameliorate the plight of the many thousands of families affected by the disease, Glazer co-founded the Pediatric AIDS Foundation and worked tirelessly on behalf of AIDS victims until her death in 1994. The Foundation offers fact sheets on pediatric AIDS, news reports, and information about events aimed at raising both money and awareness, at its home site.

Poz magazine tells the ongoing story of the AIDS epidemic; selected content, as well as the ability to subscribe to the print journal, is available here. Poz's editorial focus is mostly nonclinical, with topics such as "The 99 Greatest [AIDS-related] Moments of the 90s," but occasional articles do examine the drug pipeline and related matters. The journal is available in Spanish as well as English.