Starting a Restaurant

How do I start a restaurant in Sioux Falls?

  1. Attending a Serv-Safe Course is a great way to become familiar with food service operation and basic food sanitation. Each restaurant must have at least one Serv-Safe certified person.

  2. Review the State of South Dakota Food Service Code.

    *Completing items one and two will assist with designing a floor plan.
  3. Print and review the Restaurant Checklist will highlight the basic requirements that must be addressed in the detailed floor plan.
    Submit the detailed floor plan to the City of Sioux Falls Building Services Division.

  4. Submit the following applications:

    Should you have any questions please contact the Health Department or Building Services.

  5. Once everything has been approved by the respective departments construction may begin. During the construction process the City of Sioux Falls will conduct inspections at various stages to ensure all city codes are adhered to.

  6. A pre-opening inspection must be conducted before any food products related to restaurant operations may enter the establishment. Contact the Health Department or your assigned inspector to schedule a pre-opening inspection.

  7. Passing the pre-opening inspection will allow you to begin normal restaurant operation.