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All seasonal spray events will be announced via local media outlets as well as on this website.

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The Sioux Falls Mosquito Control program uses the product Zenivex E20, mixed with a carrier oil for our spray events. In an effort to bring clarity to the amount of product that is actually being emitted during these events, we have broken it down a bit.

We have our spray equipment droplet tested and calibrated each spring to ensure proper applications as per their label requirements. The mid-level application rate of Zenivex E20 is 0.0627 fluid oz/acre. As the name implies, Zenivex E20 consists of 20% Etofenprox (a type 3 pyrethroid) as its active ingredient. The remaining 80% are inert ingredients and are meant to serve as carriers.

If our application rate is 0.0627 fluid oz/acres, then only 20% is actual pesticide, so – only 0.015 fluid ounces of active ingredient are being applied per acre.

              For comparison purposes, 1 tsp = 0.166 oz

Because a mosquito’s body mass is so small, this minute amount is all that is necessary.

See the label for Zenivex E20 under our Products list

This is the EPA’s statement on Etofenprox for mosquito control


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