Highland Addition Street and Utility Improvements

Highland Addition

Project Update 8/5/2020

  • On 5th Street, the contractor is in the process of installing public utilites.
  • They have completed sanitary sewer main installation and are in the process of completing watermain.
  • After watermain is completed, private utilites (SDN, CenturyLink, and Mid-American) companies will be onsite to adjust their utilites to avoid public utilites.
  • Then, the contractor will be back on site to complete the storm drainage system.   

Project Milestones

  1. Phase 1: 4th Street Cliff Avenue to Sherman Avenue
  2. Phase 2: 5th Street Cliff Avenue to Wayland Avenue
  3. Phase 2A:  6th Street and Wayland Avenue and 6th Street and Sherman Avenue Intersections

Commuter Route Information:

  • 5th Street is closed from Cliff Avenue to Wayland Avenue intersection.

Project Overview

Project Summary

Removal and reconstruction of the existing pavement including curb and gutter and construction of ADA compliant sidewalk ramps at the intersections.  Utility work includes storm sewer, sanitary sewer and watermain improvements.

Completion Date:

Fall 2020

Contract Amount: 

$1.7 million

Contact Information

City of Sioux Falls
John Osman
Office:  605 367 8640

Consultant Name:

Chad Stensland
Office:  605 323 6022 
Cell:  605 359 7779

Contractor Name:

Hulstein Excavating, Inc.