Who We Are

Housing is a division of Planning and Development Services at the City of Sioux Falls. Our team is dedicated to connecting people in Sioux Falls with resources that help ensure safe and sustainable living conditions.

We help people ensure decent, safe, and sanitary living conditions by providing programs that assist with repairs and improvements.

Like you, we live, work, and play in Sioux Falls. We love our community, and want our neighbors to thrive here. We take pride in serving our neighbors, because when things can get better for just one person, we all win.

Income Limit Guidelines

Income guidelines are a percentage of median family income (MFI), depending upon the program. The current income percentages are as follows:

Household Size Annual Income Limit
1 $50,800
2 $58,050
3 $65,300
4 $72,550
5 $78,350
6 $84,150
7 $89,950
8 $95,800


Housing General Line

Housing Development Manager
Logan Penfield

Housing Technician
Lisa Fuller

Housing Compliance Supervisor 
Shana Nelson

Housing Program Specialists
Travis Heiter
Derek Mueller
Seth Peterson

Neighborhood and Preservation Planner
Diane deKoeyer

Neighborhood Revitalization Manager
Matthew J. Tobias