State of the City

Mayor Paul TenHaken shared his message of hope, unity, resilience, compassion and strength today in his 2020 State of the City Address.

“The character of our people, their love of our community, and the compassion we extend to others transcends pandemics, floods, tornados, or any other crisis that may come our way,” said TenHaken. “Despite the current challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, the state of Sioux Falls is strong. Sioux Falls entered this pandemic in a place of strength and as a strong and resilient community, Sioux Falls is poised to enter the post-COVID world stronger than before on multiple levels.”

Mayor TenHaken discussed how the One Sioux Falls framework has helped move the city forward in a positive direction this past year. Focused on the core tenants of safety and health, accessible housing, workforce development and engaging people, and driven by innovation and investing in foundational growth necessities, the framework has advanced several initiatives.

“Based on the framework, we have seized opportunities to move our city forward,” said TenHaken. “We have made incredible progress on important projects needed to maintain the quality of life that the public expects from its city and we continue to move forward with crucial investments.”

Major investments in the city such as the USD Discovery District, State Theater reopening, wastewater collection and treatment rehabilitation and upgrades, the new public safety training center, a new southeast fire station, the southwest police report to work location, the triage center and others continue to make progress. After investing more city dollars in infrastructure than any previous budget during recent decades, roadwork projects are also making advancements throughout the city.

Public entrepreneurship was also highlighted by the mayor. “There are certainly times when government entities can struggle to be innovative, nimble, efficient and effective. We are embracing proven best practices that are new to city government,” said TenHaken.

The mayor also shared reasons he is excited for the future of Sioux Falls based on the City’s financial stewardship, economic strength and the heart of our community.

“Thanks the wise financial stewardship of past mayors and councils, the City of Sioux Falls is in a better financial position than most municipalities in the nation,” said TenHaken. “Sioux Falls also remains an attractive place for investors inside and outside of our community. Businesses from around the country are continuing to reach out to me during this pandemic interested in creating jobs in Sioux Falls and investing in this community. Lastly, the heart of our city is incredible. Take comfort in the fact that you live in the best city in the world.”

Due to the physical distancing guidance and recommendations on gatherings from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, this year’s address was recorded without an audience. The address was simulcast on the City of Sioux Falls’ YouTube Channel, Facebook page, and the CityLink television channel. For those unable to participate live, the address is available for replay on social media and will be rebroadcasted throughout May on CityLink.