Neighborhood Connect Guides

Email Alerts

Neighborhood Connect allows the public to track building permits, planning data, and code enforcement cases across Sioux Falls. To create a new alert, follow the steps listed below:


To start, you will need to create a new Socrata account to login and manage your alerts. Note: Email alerts will be sent to the email address used when creating an account.

Create a new email alert

  1. Open Neighborhood Connect and login with your Socrata account.
  2. In the left-hand column named “Filters,” scroll to the bottom and select which datasets you would like to receive alerts:
    Plan Data (Conditional use, rezoning, etc.)
    Permit Data (Commercial Building, Homeowner’s, etc.)
    Code Cases (Snow, vegetation, health nuisance, etc.)
  3. Search for your address in the bar at the top of the map.
  4. Use the mile radius slider to expand or shrink the alert area.
  5. Note: For best results, make the radius larger than the area you would like to receive alerts for.
  6. Click “Create Alert” next to the address search bar. Alerts can be sent daily, weekly or monthly.

Manage alerts

After logging into Neighborhood Connect, the number of alerts created under your account should be listed in the address search bar on the top of the map. Clicking the right-hand side of the address search bar will allow you to see all active alerts.

From this screen, you can change the alert’s frequency or unsubscribe.