Sioux Falls Population Grows to Estimated 187,200

The City of Sioux Falls continued its growth trend in 2018, adding an estimated 4,000 residents for a new total of 187,200, compared to 2017.

“Sioux Falls continues to steadily grow, thanks to the incredible quality of life the community has built over the past decades, and strength of our job market,” said Mayor Paul TenHaken. “I expect Sioux Falls to continue to attract and retain residents in the years ahead, as well.”

On an annual basis, the City’s Planning and Development Services develops year-end population estimates. The annual July population estimates are developed by the U.S. Census Bureau. Sioux Falls has averaged a 3,300-person annual increase for more than ten years.

This 4,000-person increase over the past 12 months means the City is growing at a rate of 2.2 percent. In 2017, the City grew by 4,700 persons, or a 2.6 percent growth rate. Since January 1, 2000, Sioux Falls has seen a 63,000-person increase in our population. The most recent U.S. Census Bureau estimate from July 2017 showed a 2,500-person increase, or a 1.45 percent increase. By 2025, the population of Sioux Falls is projected to be 202,000.

“Sioux Falls is growing at a very steady rate, and our City government is staying one step ahead by improving and expanding infrastructure and managing our land resources wisely,” says Mike Cooper, Director of Planning and Development Services. “Thankfully, Sioux Falls’ growth is steady and predictable, which allows the City to plan, prepare and accommodate future growth of residents and businesses.”

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