Parks and Recreation Department Closes Falls Park

With river water levels remaining elevated, and in preparation for anticipated snow melt increasing river flow rates coming into Sioux Falls, Parks and Recreation Director Don Kearney has closed Falls Park.

City Ordinance § 95.032 allows the Director of Parks and Recreation to take this action:

The director may prohibit conduct in those areas of the parks when and where the director deems conduct dangerous or unduly interfering with another’s use of the parks such as, but not limited to, picnicking areas. A notice prohibiting activity within a specific area shall be conspicuously displayed setting forth which activity, conduct, or games are restricted.
(1992 Code, § 27-16.14) (Ord. 49-99, passed 4-19-1999; Ord. 96-12, passed 12-4-2012)

In additions, the following parks are closed:

  • Legacy Park
  • Dunham Park
  • Yankton Trail Park
  • Tomar Park
  • Spencer Park
  • Lower Tuthill Park
  • Pasley Park
  • Norlin Greenway
  • Rotary Park
  • Riverdale Park
  • Cherry Rock Park
  • River Boulevard Greenway
  • Beadle Greenway
  • Nelson Greenway
  • Fawick Park
  • Downtown River Greenway

For information on City parks, visit the City’s website at

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