Park Amenity Closures Support Social Distancing

Increased activity in parks along with a lack of social distancing has promoted the Parks and Recreation Department to take additional steps to help protect the health of the public during the COVID-19 pandemic. While public parks and trails will remain open, the following facilities will be closed until further notice:

  • All athletic fields are closed to organized activities and social gatherings
  • Dog parks at Spencer Park, Lien and Family Park
  • Skate parks at Nelson Park and Kuehn Park
  • All park shelters

Additionally, the basketball goals will be disabled or removed from all basketball courts, and signage and tape barricades will be placed around and on playground equipment.

Parks restrooms remain closed at this time and park drinking fountains are not available for use.

“Safeguarding the wellness of park users is a top priority for the Parks and Recreation Department,” said Director of Parks and Recreation, Don Kearney. “We are taking these steps in support of efforts to decrease the spread of illness and to help protect the health of the community.”

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