41st Street and Minnesota Avenue Traffic Pattern Changes

Over the last month, contractors have been working on changes to increase traffic efficiency at the intersection of 41st Street and Minnesota Avenue. By the end of the workday today, Friday, July 24, drivers will experience the updated traffic patterns, firsthand.

A new dedicated right turn lane at the intersection of 41st Street and Minnesota Avenue has been constructed. The dedicated right turn lane is for eastbound 41st Street onto southbound Minnesota Avenue traffic flow. Additionally, there will now be two dedicated left turn lanes for both eastbound 41st Street and westbound 41st Street onto Minnesota Avenue. Separating the left turns from the thru lane allows the intersection to operate more efficiently.

“We expect the average delay per vehicle to be reduced by 11 to 12 seconds for both the morning and afternoon peak traffic times. This represents a 22 percent decrease in driver delay through the intersection,” says Chad Huwe, City Engineer.

There will be intermittent work over the next several days to finalize the improvements. Drivers are urged to use caution and continue to watch for construction equipment, as well as updated signage and pavement markings at the intersection.

Traffic Pattern Changes

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