City to Accept Proposals for Community Art, Site Enhancements at Mall Avenue Parking Ramp

The City of Sioux Falls is announcing an opportunity for temporary community art and site enhancements at one of its newest development sites along one of the busiest corridors in downtown Sioux Falls.

The City will be accepting proposals for two project areas at the Mall Avenue parking ramp along East Tenth Street near Phillips Avenue:

  • Artwork on the south-facing exterior walls of the parking ramp.
  • Site enhancements (i.e. seating, art sculptures, or interactive play elements) in the area south of the parking ramp to the sidewalk.

Both projects will be considered to be temporary installations with the expectation that the space will be made available for a minimum of six months. Submitted projects will be considered on several criteria, including artistic expression and functionality, community value, and that the project evokes positivity and exemplifies a One Sioux Falls spirit.

The wall surface is approximately 15,000 square feet of concrete masonry, while the area from the ramp building to the sidewalk measures about 10,400 square feet. Either space could be divided into a section if multiple proposals are selected.

In order to inspire positive artistic expression, consistent with the spirit of One Sioux Falls, this RFP intentionally does not specify potential artwork or site enhancements, but anticipates that the proposer will study the site and will propose concepts for this project that positively engage the community and visitors. There is unlimited potential for artistic expression and community engagement at this site, and the City will be looking at all qualifying options presented.

Confluence has provided the City with example renderings of ideas that may be viable for the space and are included in the RFP document. These ideas are to promote creative thinking, but are not intended to restrict any proposals. Proposals are due by Tuesday, November 10, 2020.