Sioux Falls New Population Estimate Is 195,850

Amid another strong year of construction, job growth, and quality of life investments, Sioux Falls continues to grow.

Sioux Falls Planning and Development estimates Sioux Falls’ 2020 population at 195,850, up from 190,750 in 2019. The Planning and Development Department calculates its year-end population estimate based from data released by the U.S. Census Bureau annually in July.

“Sioux Falls continues to demonstrate our resiliency and optimism as evidenced by the steady growth of the past year. This confidence, along with our City’s ability to improve and expand infrastructure and manage our land resources has been a proven formula of growth for many years,” said Jeff Eckhoff, Director of Planning and Development.

Other notable statistics from the latest population estimate include:

  • Sioux Falls’ population grew by 5,100 in 2020 (2.7 percent growth rate), compared to a 3,550 increase in 2019 (1.9 percent growth rate).
  • Sioux Falls averaged a 4,100‑person annual increase for more than ten years.
  • Since January 1, 2000, Sioux Falls has increased in population by 71,000 people.
  • By 2040, the population of Sioux Falls is projected to be 251,000.

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