An Exciting Month for Children’s Health

Did you know that in addition to Falls Community Health’s main location downtown, we also have three school-based clinics? The clinics are located inside of Hawthorne, Hayward, and Terry Redlin Elementary Schools, where you’ll find medical and dental providers available to students, school staff, and the community.

This February, it is both National Children’s Oral Health Month and National School-Based Health Awareness Month. We’d like to take this time to share the importance of children’s oral health care. Our clinics are able to provide exams, X-rays, fluoride, sealants, and restorative care. Our school-based clinics help to eliminate parents taking time off of work and students missing class.

When children feel better, they learn better. Oral health problems and chronic illnesses cause millions of school days missed each year. That is why it is our mission to improve health equity, promote a culture of health, and provide access to services where children spend most of their time in school.

Check out our website to learn more at or call to make an appointment for your child today!

Medical Clinic: 605-367-8793

Dental Clinic: 605-367-8022

For further questions, contact the School-Based Health Liaison, Kelly Piacentino, at 605‑367‑8022.