New ADA Transition Plan Will Guide City’s Future Accessibility Updates, Improvements

The City of Sioux Falls has released its comprehensive Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Transition Plan. The ADA, passed in 1990, prohibits public entities from discriminating against people with disabilities and requires self-evaluation reports and a plan for transitioning to full ADA compliance for all programs, services and activities. The City of Sioux Falls Transition Plan outlines the City's compliance with the ADA, details existing barriers to accessibility, and will guide the City’s future ADA updates and improvements.

Creation of the comprehensive ADA Transition Plan was a collaborative effort across City departments to identify where the City is already fully accessible, as well as where and how the City has room to improve. The City worked with consultants Dr. Peter Blanck and James G. Felakos and also considered public input in establishing the plan. The Transition Plan supports full compliance with and, in many areas would transcend, the City’s obligations under federal law, Blanck and Felakos noted in their report.

The Transition Plan includes analysis and recommendations relating to the City’s public transportation system, parks and recreation, sidewalks, internal processes and employment practices, effective communication and technology, emergency management, police procedures, libraries, public health care, and voting procedures.

“My administration and our City team are continuing to build a city that is welcoming for all and that provides equitable access to services and opportunities,” said Mayor Paul TenHaken. “Ultimately, the ADA Transition Plan outlines opportunities to make Sioux Falls even more welcoming and accessible to all through the City’s approach to accessibility, programs, services and design.”

Implementation efforts will be coordinated by Sharla B. Svennes, Assistant City Attorney and ADA Coordinator.

“I appreciate Mayor TenHaken’s commitment to making Sioux Falls a city that is inviting and accessible to all, and I am grateful for the time invested by my colleagues throughout the City in helping to prepare this ADA Transition Plan,” Svennes said. “This Plan will enable us to continue making the City of Sioux Falls more livable, accessible and welcoming to people of all abilities.”

In addition to the Transition Plan, the priority of the City’s ADA updates and improvements will continue to be informed by input from the public and the City’s Disability Awareness and Accessibility Review Board.

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View the comprehensive City of Sioux Falls ADA Transition Plan at under “Related Resources.”


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