In 2021, Sioux Falls Crime Remained Flat; Illicit Drug Seizures Dramatically Increased

In 2021, while many cities across the United States saw increases in crime, Sioux Falls saw most crime categories remain consistent compared to 2020. One notable exception was a 19 percent increase in the number of stolen vehicles that happened in 2021 in Sioux Falls; the vast majority were stolen after keys were left inside the vehicles.

The amount of cocaine seized in Sioux Falls shattered the old mark. In 2021, over 157 pounds of cocaine were seized. The previous record was over 4 pounds in 2019. The 4 pounds of fentanyl seized was another record for 2021. The number of overdose reports and overdose deaths increased last year. The seizure and removal of dangerous and illicit drugs remains a high priority to help keep the city safe.

“Sioux Falls continues to maintain a low crime rate, especially when compared to other peer cities. Public safety remains a top priority for my administration, and our Police Department is committed to providing a safe community for our residents,” said Mayor Paul TenHaken. “While issues such as narcotics and youth violent crime will remain key public safety priorities for our administration, I am also very proud of the community-based policing strategies that are building strong ties across the city. Our Police Department continues to work diligently to make Sioux Falls a better and safer community, block by block.”

“The safety and security for residents of Sioux Falls is a priority for all police officers. Having a Police Department that works with the community to solve problems is a tenant of community policing. It starts with hiring the right people and training them the right way,” said Chief Jon Thum. “A fully staffed Police Department has many benefits and allows officers to partner with the community to keep all safe. Despite the crime and drug numbers, Sioux Falls remains a safe and vibrant city, and we work hard to keep it that way.”

Crimes in Sioux Falls are solved at a rate that beats the national average. Sioux Falls Police have solved every homicide over the last 20 years, with the exception of one that is still under investigation. Criminals in Sioux Falls are held accountable for their actions at a much higher rate when compared to the national crime average. The City of Sioux Falls has consistently shown higher-than-average clearance rates. The clearance rate is the proportion of crimes in a jurisdiction in which police solved the crime.

City of Sioux Falls Clearance Rates Compared to Most Recent National Data

  2019   2020   2021   National Average 
Homicide   100%   100% 
Stolen Vehicles
41% 45% 
*One homicide is still an open and active investigation

The Sioux Falls Police Department strives to be the premier agency in the region. The dedication to public safety shows in the quality of work when solving crime.


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