Public Health is Where You Are: National Public Health Week 2022, April 4-10

Join the Public Health Heroes at Sioux Falls Health Department in celebrating the National Public Health Week 2022, with the theme Public Health is Where You Are. Indeed, we are celebrating what we know is true: the environment in which we live, learn, work, play, and pray, have a large influence on our individual and collective health and well‑being. We all have a role to play in protecting public health. Therefore, we must continue to work together as a community to ensure the conditions in which all community members can live long and healthy lives.

“Public health assesses the health status and living conditions of the community as a whole and uses the findings to drive community partnerships to improve health. Public health services are vital to protecting and promoting health in the community,” said Dr. Charles Chima, Public Health Director for the City of Sioux Falls. “National Public Health Week provides an opportunity for us to renew our community’s awareness of public health and refresh our commitment to providing high quality services; ensuring healthy lives, and a healthy community right here in Sioux Falls.”

The Sioux Falls Health Department is committed to making our community healthier, stronger, and safer. As part of this year’s National Public Health Week, Tuesday, April 5, 2022, will be dedicated to celebrating the public health workforce—the mission-driven public servants who work tirelessly to ensure that we have accurate and timely health information, equitable access to clinical and preventive services, and a safe and health-promoting environment. We encourage everyone in our community to join us in celebrating these Public Health Heroes and creating awareness of public health this week and beyond. Join us as we explore different public health topics and consider taking part in a community gardening activity, volunteering at local food pantries and charities, advocating for public health causes, or supporting organizations that are collaborating on community-led solutions to address health disparities in Sioux Falls.

“Together, we are building a healthier tomorrow for everyone in Sioux Falls,” Chima said.

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