Sioux Falls Fire Rescue Hosts Recruitment Showcase for Potential Applicants and Their Families

Sioux Falls Fire Rescue is excited to host a Recruitment Showcase event at the Sioux Falls Arena, 1201 North West Avenue, on Sunday, July 24, from 3 to 7 p.m. This event will be for anyone applying for or considering applying to be a firefighter with Sioux Falls Fire Rescue and their families.

This event is an opportunity for you and your family to learn what Sioux Falls Fire Rescue is all about. There will be displays, including a ladder truck. Members of our organization will be on site, such as:

  • Recruit Academy training officers
  • Emergency Medical Services (EMS) staff with an ambulance
  • City of Sioux Falls Human Resources staff who can help answer questions about benefits and the hiring process
  • Members of our Family Auxiliary program to help with any questions about living with a firefighter.

Applications for Sioux Falls Fire Rescue Firefighter openings and the upcoming Sioux Falls Fire Rescue Fire Academy Training will be accepted through July 25. Interested persons can find information and apply at