Sound the Alarm and Save Lives

Nearly three of every five home fire deaths occur in households with no smoke alarms (41 percent) or no working smoke alarms (16 percent). According to Fire Inspector Brandon Fey, Sioux Falls Fire Rescue (SFFR), every second counts when a fire breaks out. “Studies show a fire can double in size every minute.”

The first line of defense? Smoke alarms.         

October 11 and October 13, SFFR will conduct a Sound the Alarm event during Fire Prevention Week. SFFR aims to prevent loss of life by ensuring City residents have up-to-date smoke and carbon monoxide alarms. SFFR invites individuals and families within City limits to request alarms and installation free of charge.

Requests can be made by calling the Helpline Center at 211, after which SFFR will contact callers to schedule an installation time on October 11 or 13, or a later date if neither of those work.

SFFR and other City employees will install the alarms provided in partnership with the American Red Cross.

Fey also urges residents to replace alarms that have been in service for more than ten years. “Over time, they get coated with household dust and debris, which can cause an alarm malfunction at the time of a fire,” Fey explains.

Sound the Alarm! Share information about this opportunity widely with family and friends. There’s no better time than Fire Prevention Week.

Fire Prevention Week

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