Sioux Area Metro Introduces Mobile Ticketing

Sioux Area Metro (SAM) now offers mobile ticketing for bus passengers via the digital application Token Transit.

“Offering a mobile ticketing option will help streamline SAM services and in turn simplify and enhance our passengers’ experience,” said Robert Speeks, SAM General Manager.

Token Transit is a free application and can be downloaded to Apple and Android devices. Individuals use their mobile phone numbers to create an account and select “SAM.” From there, individuals can add credit/debit card information, purchase a bus fare, and store the ticket/pass for later use or activate it immediately to board a bus. To board, passengers show the ticket confirmation screen on their phone to the bus driver.

Fare options available on Token Transit are the same as fares available to purchase in person, including single rides, day passes, 7- and 30-day passes, and 10-ride passes. Access to the internet via a data plan or wi-fi is required to purchase a fare and activate a ticket.

Individuals who are eligible for discounted fares, like seniors (65+) and those using paratransit, can also purchase discounted fares on Token Transit. When boarding, they show their eligibility card/ID along with the ticket confirmation screen.

For individuals without access to electronic payment methods, smartphones, or data/wi-fi, fares can be purchased at and sent to a mobile number. Individuals can then use the ticket confirmation sent to their mobile phones to board.

“Our team has worked closely with SAM and community stakeholders to explore ways that improve convenience and quality of transit service for passengers,” said Sam Trebilcock, Senior Planner for the City of Sioux Falls. “We look forward to bringing more enhancements to SAM in the months ahead.”

For additional SAM and mobile ticketing information, visit

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