City of Sioux Falls to Begin Water Main Hydrant Flushing on Monday

Starting Monday, May 15, the City of Sioux Falls’ Water Division team will begin its annual citywide hydrant flushing process. The team will begin on the north side of Sioux Falls and work south. The process takes approximately eight weeks to complete.

Hydrant flushing is conducted to clear water mains of sediments, ensure fire hydrants are operational, and conduct flow testing of the water distribution system.

Following work in their neighborhood or area, residents are encouraged to check the cold tap water for clarity before doing laundry, as water discoloration could cause staining. If the water is discolored, run the cold water faucet for a few minutes until the water clears. Water discoloration due to the flushing process does not pose a health threat and water may be used and consumed.

Additionally, motorists should be aware and slow down in the presence of the field crews and avoid water flowing from hydrants.

For questions regarding water quality, contact the Water Purification Plant at 605-373-6950 from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday or 605-367-8805 after office hours.

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