Old Yankton Road Asphalt Overlay from 57th Street to Ralph Rogers Road

Old Yankton


Asphalt pavement removal, base course placement and asphalt paving.  A four- foot asphalt path adjacent to the pavement lanes will be constructed.  Work will include some ditch grading. 

Project Milestones

  1. Phase 1: Complete pavement improvements form Ralph Rogers Road north 900 foot to Abbot Place.
  2. Phase 2: Complete pavement improvements from Abbot Place north 900 foot to past Barrington Drive.
  3. Phase 3:  Complete pavement improvements from north of Barrington Drive 900 foot to 57th Street.

Commuter Route Information

Each Phase will be closed to traffic.  Residents will at all times have access to their homes from a section not under construction or where work has been completed.   

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Project Overview

Estimated Completion Date

Late August, 2019

Estimated Contract Amount


Contact Information 

City of Sioux Falls

John Osman, Project Manager
605-367-8640 (office)

Consultant Name

Eric Landis
605-332-9685 (office)
605-201-8956 (cell)

Contractor Name T.B.D.