Lion’s Den Overlook

The Lion’s Den structure is the remaining stone foundation from the old Phillips carriage house and received its nickname name from past history overwintering lions from the city zoo.  Currently the basement is used to store lawn mowers and park equipment.  Based on recent review by a structural engineer the Lion’s Den is in very poor condition.  The concrete roof has recently been temporarily stabilized but will need attention in the future to prevent further deterioration or possible collapse.  The proposed plan suggests removing and salvaging existing quartzite stone and reconstructing the structure in the exact location and size.  The new structure would consist of retaining walls with false doors and windows and a concrete overlook to match existing conditions but would no longer contain a space inside for storage or other use. The overlook would be enhanced with a pergola structure with design influences from the historic Phillips house.  New stairs with handrail would be included on the south side of the Lion’s Den.