Terrace Park Band Shell and Japanese Garden

Terrace Park Japanese Garden and Band Shell Information and Rules


  • All activities associated with a reservation MUST take place within the time block reserved. This includes any prewedding activities such as chair delivery, setup, decorating, photographs, etc., and any teardown/cleanup.

  • Park closing time of 10 p.m. must be observed. Event must be over and participants must be out of the park by 10 p.m. regardless of starting time.

  • If your event uses amplified sound with a duration of more than one hour, you must contact the Health Department at 605-367-8760 about a permit, per Section 93.007 of the Code of Ordinances.

  • The Terrace Park band shell has 110-volt/20-amp electrical outlets. You must request electrical power for your event as the electrical box is kept locked.

  • There are no electrical outlets available in the Japanese Gardens.

  • No vehicles are allowed on grass or sidewalks without a permit. Please call the Park Office at 605-367-8222 to request a vehicle permit.

  • Canopies are only allowed in a designated area near the band shell; canopies are not allowed in the Japanese Gardens. If a canopy will be used in the designated area, a permit must be obtained. Please call the Park Office at 605-367-8222 to request a canopy permit.

  • There are approximately ten benches available for your use in the Japanese Gardens. Approximately ten benches are also available in the band shell area.

  • Chairs are allowed in the Japanese Gardens or the band shell area; you may bring your own chairs or you may rent them from area vendors. Chairs cannot be delivered the day before your event and left overnight in the park—they must be delivered and set up within the time block reserved. No chairs may be placed in flower or plant beds. Chairs must be removed immediately after your event within the time block reserved.

  • Garlands or decorations used in the Japanese Gardens or band shell can be tied or wired in place. Nothing may be stapled or tacked to any structure.

  • Flowers planted at wedding locations will be maintained from mid-May through mid‑October, weather permitting.

  • Parking is available in the swimming pool parking lot and along residential streets for 50 to 75 cars.

  • Terrace Park Japanese Gardens and band shell are considered a package and therefore cannot be individually reserved for wedding events.

  • Users are requested to clean up litter. Please place trash in the containers provided.

  • The reserving party will be held responsible for any damages caused by activities during the time the party has access to the property.


Thank you for following these rules during your event.

For further information, please call the Park Office at 605-367-8222.