Sports Associations

This list is just for your information and is not an endorsement of any organization. If you find an error or a missing organization, please let us know. Thank you.

Amateur Baseball     605-310-0152    
Sioux Empire Baseball Association  605-336-3462    
Sioux Falls Canaries  605-333-0179   
Sioux Falls Little League  605-366-8848  

Disc Golf  605-553-4496  
Horseshoe Throwers   605-332-5622   
Huether Family Match Pointe  605-338-4036   
Pickleball (indoor)    605-367-8222   
Pickleball (outdoor)  605-929-3689  
Sioux Falls Tennis Association  605-351-1631   
Ultimate Frisbee  319-481-8514   

Dakota Alliance Soccer Club   605-332-5911   
Sioux Falls Lacrosse   605-759-5659   
Sioux Falls Coed Adult Soccer    605-321-9706   
Sioux Falls Rugby   605-951-8901 
South Dakota Junior Football Inc.   605-334-3140   
Youth Flag Football   605-335-7555  

Scheels IcePlex  605-271-7539  
Sioux Falls Figure Skating Club    605-271-8897    
Stampede Hockey  605-336-6060 
Youth Hockey Association  605-361-9836    

Adult Coed Softball  605-929-6942   
Coed Church League   605-610-7914   
Men’s Church League  605-838-8073    
Men’s Fast-Pitch Softball Association  605-366-3628    
Men’s Slow-Pitch Softball Association  605-929-7859    
Men’s Slow-Pitch rain-out number    605-906-1232    
Sioux Empire Fast-Pitch Softball   605-728-1040    
South Dakota High School Softball 605-310-6049  
Women’s Slow-Pitch   605-929-9590    
Youth Slow-Pitch Association  605-376-1748   

Sioux Falls Swim Team   605-988-4170   

Fellowship of Christian Athletes  605-335-7555  
Great Bear Recreation Park  605-367-4309   
Minnehaha Archers  605-331-2987    
Butterfly House and Aquarium  605-334-9466    
Sioux Falls People for Youth  605-338-5833   
S.D. Game, Fish and Parks   605-362-2700    
The Outdoor Campus  605-362-2777