Electrical Permit Fees

Electrical Inspection Fees

Commentary: There have been no increases or adjustment of electrical inspection fees for this code cycle.

150.218  Fees. The following fees shall be charged for electrical permits and inspections except for existing circuits reconnected to new service.

(1)   Inspection fees for new residential installations.

  1. The cost for inspections of all new single-family and new two-family residential electrical services, including associated wiring, apparatus and equipment, is based on the service ampere capacity as follows:

0 through 200 amperes


201 through 400 amperes


401 amperes and over


Plus circuits as provided in division (b)(3), inspection fees for circuit installation or alterations

  1. The fees in this division (b) include one service inspection, one rough-in inspection and one final inspection. Additional inspections will be charged the minimum inspection fee. Three inspections will be made for the applicable fee in this division (b).

(2)   Inspection fees for service connections on other installations.

  1. The cost of inspections for service connections on other installations, such as replacement service installations for existing homes, all commercial installations and all service installations not covered in this chapter, is based on service equipment ampere capacity as follows:

0 through 200 amperes


201 through 400 amperes


401 through 800 amperes


801 through 1,600 amperes


1,601 amperes and over


  1. These fees are in addition to the fees required by division (b)(3) below. When remodeling single-family and two-family residences, these fees shall not exceed the flat rate fee for comparable new single-family residential electrical service.

(3)   Inspection fees for circuit installation or alterations.

  1. Inspection fees for circuit installations or alterations, including all commercial installations, new work in existing homes and all other installations not covered by this chapter shall be charged for each single circuit in a cabinet or panel, not counting spares and spaces, as follows:

0 through 30 amperes


31 through 60 amperes


61 through 100 amperes


Each additional 100 amperes or fraction thereof


  1. Circuits in new homes are included in fees under division (b)(1) above.

(4)   Inspection fees for remodeling work. Inspection fees for remodeling work, including remodeling work in existing homes, where the service and branch circuits are not changed, are based upon the following schedule:

First 40 openings or connections


Each additional opening or connection


First 40 lighting fixtures


Each additional lighting fixture


Each motor or special equipment


(5)   Inspection fees for apartment buildings.

  1. Inspection fees for the wiring of each apartment, including the feeder, in apartment buildings with three or more units are $35 per unit.
  1. When each apartment is served individually, the service is included in the flat rate fee. All other service entrances are subject to division (b)(2) above and all other circuits and feeders are subject to division (b)(3) above.

(6)   Inspection fees for outdoor signs or area lighting. The inspection fee for outdoor signs or area lighting is calculated as follows:

Outdoor signs

$45 for each outdoor sign, feeder or branch circuits; or pursuant to division (b)(2), (b)(3) above or (b)(13) below, whichever is greater

Area lighting

$25 for each lighting standard (pole or tower); or pursuant to division (b)(2) or (b)(3) above, whichever is less

(7)   Inspection fees for mobile home service and feeders.

  1. The inspection fee for mobile home service for each lot or location, whether on or off a mobile home court, is as follows:

First unit, service only


Each additional unit, service only


(8)   Inspection fees for recreational vehicle service.

  1. The inspection fee for mobile home service for each lot or location, whether on or off a mobile home court, is as follows:

First pedestal


Remaining pedestals, each


  1. The service to the recreational vehicle park itself is not considered part of the pedestals covered by this section, and the fee is computed under division (b)(2) above.

(9)   Inspection fees for swimming pools. Inspection fees for swimming pools are as follows:

Residential pools


All other pools

Pursuant to division (b)(15)

(10) Inspection fees for nonpower limited fire alarm systems. Inspection fees for fire alarm systems shall be as follows:

Fire alarm panel and power source


Each zone


Each device or opening in a multiplex or point annunciation system or an additional device or opening to an existing installation

For up to six, each


For each additional device or opening



(11) Homeowner’s permit fee.

Homeowner’s permit fee


State wiring permit


(12) Minimum inspection fee.

Minimum inspection fee for any permit requiring inspection except for energy load saver switch equipment


(13) Energy saver switch equipment.

One- and two-family dwellings, per saver switch


Multiple-family dwellings

First saver switch


Per saver switch for remaining saver switches


(14) Transient and migratory events. Inspection of transient or migratory events, including, but not limited to, carnivals and circuses shall be as follows:

General inspection fee


State wiring permit


(15) Other inspections and fees. Other inspections and fees shall be as follows:

Inspections outside of normal business hours (minimum charge, one hour), per hour


Reinspection fees assessed under provisions of § 55.019 (minimum charge, one hour), per hour


Inspections for which no fee is specifically indicated (minimum charge, one hour), per hour


Additional plan review required by changes, additions, revisions to approved plans (minimum charge, one hour), per hour


Fee for late corrections

If corrections listed on an inspection report are not completed within the specified time, the inspector shall issue a correction order and assess a $100 administrative fee. The inspector shall also assess a reinspection fee.

Fee for failure to request a required inspection

Where electrical work is completed without a request for an inspection, an administrative fee of $250 may be charged.


Before any action is taken by the board, the party or parties requesting the hearing shall deposit with the secretary of the board or his or her authorized agent, the sum of $65 to cover the approximate cost of the procedure. Under no condition shall the sum or any portion thereof be refunded for failure of the request to be approved.

Examination fee; all classes, per examination


Mileage fee

Current rate as established by the finance department shall be charged for any inspection occurring outside the city limits.

Delinquent accounts

The building official may refuse to issue permits or conduct inspections for any delinquent account.

Bond claims; an administrative fee shall be charged to cover the administrative cost of filing a claim


*Or the total hourly cost to the city, whichever is the greatest. This cost shall include supervision, overhead, equipment, hourly wages and fringe benefits of the employees involved.