Building Services Permits

Work that doesn't need a permit per the building code.  Note:  Other codes/ordinances may require permits.   

Permits, under the adopted building codes shall not be required for the following:

  1. Retaining walls that are not over 4 feet in height measured from the bottom grade elevation to the top of the wall, unless supporting a surcharge.
  2. Painting, papering, tiling, carpeting, cabinets, counter tops and similar finish work.
  3. Prefabricated swimming pools that are less than 18 inches deep.
  4. Swings and other playground equipment.
  5. Window awnings supported by an exterior wall which do not project more than 54 inches from the exterior wall and do not require additional support.

Important reminders: You will need to obtain a building permit PRIOR to beginning any work on your project. Where a contractor is hired to do the work, the homeowner should require the contractor to obtain the permit.

For online permits, go to Customer Self Service (CSS).

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  • Most residential permits can be issued within 15-30 minutes in person when the City Center is open to the public.   
  • Permit Fee Schedules are found in the document from the link on the right.
  • The following information typically is necessary to obtain a permit:
    • The address where the work is to be completed.
    • The name of the owner of the property.
    • The use or occupancy for which the proposed work is intended.
    • Description of work to be completed.
    • The electrical, plumbing, and mechanical contractors.
    • The architect of record and/or the structural engineer of record, if applicable.
    • The total valuation of the proposed project.
    • If applicable, provide plans, site plan, diagrams, or other data, which adequately describes how the work is to be constructed. Plans shall be drawn to scale and be of sufficient clarity to indicate the nature and extent of the work proposed in order to show it is in compliance with the building code.
  • In cases where a new building or a major addition to an existing building are to be constructed, a complete set of plans suitable for review should include:
    • A .pdf file of the following
    • The site plan
    • Foundation plans
    • Floor plans
    • Elevations
    • Roof plans
    • Sections and details