Plan Review

Plan Review

Building Plan Review is a process to verify construction design documents conform to requirements of International Codes such as the IBC, IRC or the IEBC. Sometimes called a “plan check” or “plan review”, the process starts with Building Services and submitting a plan review application, the plans, and filing fee. A plan review fee estimator is provided in the right resources. Simply input the Commercial Total Valuation, and the estimator will provide you a plan review fee estimate.

Depending on the building type and occupancy, a plan review will include review of ADA-accessibility, architectural, life safety and structural. Our plans examiners are a team of professionals that will identify potential code deficiencies to assure construction documents are appropriate for permitting. Additionally, plans are routed to other city agencies by the plans examiner team.

You can track your plan review in real time by registering for Customer Self Service (CSS).

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Plans Examiners General Line:
(605) 367-8248

Chief Building Official
  Butch Warrington

Plans Examiner 
  Beth Guenther

Plans Examiner 
  Carl Risty

Plans Examiner
  Chad Brink

Plans Examiner
Mariah South