Becoming a Plumber Journeyman

Becoming a Plumber Journeyman

Journeyman plumbers must hold a state and city license if working within the Sioux Falls city limits. To apply for a license with the State Plumbing Commission, you may contact them at

Once you have acquired your journeyman plumber license with the State of South Dakota, you may apply for the Journeyman Plumber examination. Please see the examination application (2B25017 link on the right) for more information.

Once you have taken and passed examination, you must apply for the Journeyman License within 90 days, or you would be required to retest. Please see the license application (2B25013 link on the right) for more information.

For more information, you may contact Building Services at:

Plumbing Contractors FAQs

If you are doing any plumbing work in the city of Sioux Falls, you must also carry the City of Sioux Falls license.
Journeyman Plumber examinations require 75% or higher score for passing.
There are 115 total multiple choice questions, 100 questions on the current adopted code and 15 questions equally divided on waste and vent, water and gas sizing drawings.
If you are receiving compensation for doing plumbing work, even if part-time, you are required to hold a state and city Master Plumber’s license. All work must be inspected, and the inspections must be called in under a Master Plumber’s license.

Separate licenses are required for each field (building, electrical, plumbing, and mechanical). There are examinations required for each field. Electrical and plumbing also require state licenses before applying for examination with the city.

Under no circumstances is a journeyman plumber allowed to work as a master plumber or do any electrical, mechanical or residential building work unless they also hold the appropriate, additionally required, licenses.

You must retest if you do not apply for a license within 90 days of examination.
: No, licenses must remain active by renewing every two years. If a license expires, it cannot be renewed after 12 months from expiration without re-examination.