Plumbing Permit Fees

Table 1-1. Plumbing Permit Fees

The following fees shall be charged for plumbing permits and inspections.

(1)   Permit Issuance

(1.1)   Homeowners Permit


(1.2)   For each plumbing fixture on one trap or a set of fixtures on one trap (including water and drainage piping)


(1.3)   For each private sewage disposal system


(1.4)   For each water heater and/or vent


(1.5)   For each gas piping system of one to five outlets


(1.6)   For each additional gas piping system outlet, per outlet


(1.7)   For each industrial waste pretreatment interceptor including its trap and vent, excepting kitchen-type grease interceptors functioning as fixture traps


(1.8)   For each installation, alteration, or repair of water piping and/or water treating equipment, each


(1.9)   For each repair or alteration of drainage or vent piping, each fixture


(1.10)   For each lawn sprinkler on any one meter including backflow protection


(1.11)   For atmospheric-type vacuum breakers not included in Item 12

    1 to 5


   Over 5, each


(1.12)   For each backflow protective device other than atmospheric-type vacuum breakers:

    2-inch and smaller


   Over 2-inch diameter


(1.13)   Roof drains


(1.14)   Minimum inspection fee


(2)   Other inspections and fees

(2.1)   Inspection outside normal business hours, per hour (minimum charge—one hour)


(2.2)   Reinspection fees assessed under the provisions of Section 103.5.6 Reinspections. (minimum charge —one hour)*


(2.3)   Inspection for which no fee is specifically indicated, per hour (minimum charge—one-half hour) may be charged*


(2.4)   Additional plan review required by changes, additions, revisions to approved plans (minimum charge —one hour)*


(2.5)   Appeals. Before any action is taken by the board, the party or parties requesting such hearing shall deposit with the secretary of the Board or his or her authorized agent, the sum of $65 to cover the approximate cost of the procedure. Under no condition shall such sum or any portion thereof be refunded for failure of the request to be approved.

(3)   Delinquent accounts. The administrative authority may refuse to issue permits or conduct inspections for any plumbing contractor whose account is delinquent.

(4)   Bond claims. An administrative fee shall be charged to cover the administrative cost of filing a claim


(5)   Examination fees per examination


(6)   Fee for late corrections. A $100 administrative fee may be charged for failure to correct violations within the time specified on a contractor’s correction report.

(7)   Fee for failure to request a required inspection. Where plumbing work is completed without a request for an inspection, an administrative fee of $250 may be charged.

*   Or the total hourly cost to the city, whichever is greater. This cost shall include supervision, overhead, equipment, hourly wages, and fringe benefits of the employees involved.