Rental Housing


     (a)     No residential rental property owner shall allow to be occupied, advertise for occupancy, solicit occupants of, or let to another person for occupancy any residential rental unit within the city that has not been permitted as residential rental unit by the city. All owners of a residential rental unit shall have filed a permit application with the city. Failure to make truthful disclosures of the information required under division (b)(5) below, or if the information disclosed reveals three or more health, nuisance or other code violations resulting in citations and fines payable to the city within the previous three calendar years, shall be cause for the city to elect to deny the permit. Application for permit for a residential rental unit shall be made on forms furnished by the city. A residential rental property owner and/or the designated agent shall notify the city in writing within 15 calendar days after any change to the information provided on the application.

     (b)     The application and supporting forms shall require the following information:

          (1)     Name, mailing address and phone number of the property owner, and, if the owner is not a natural person, the name, address and phone number of a designated agent for the owner;

          (2)     The name, phone number and mailing address of any person authorized to make or order repairs or services for the property, if in violation of city ordinances or state law, if the person is not the owner;

          (3)     The street address of the residential rental unit;

          (4)     The number and type of units; i.e., dwelling units or sleeping rooms; and

          (5)     Whether the owner or responsible party as defined by § 40.002 of this Code, have, within the previous three calendar years, been in violation and failed to make timely corrections of health, nuisance or other code violations, excluding any notices or violations issued pursuant to § 96.100 or §§ 94.041, 94.043 and 94.044 of this Code, to any property or properties in any municipality, including the city.

Rental Housing Issues: 

  • Whom do I call if my apartment has roaches or rats?
    The Property Maintenance Inspection section of Building Services may be contacted to report problems with rats and roaches at (605) 978-6900.

  • Will you tell the landlord I complained?
    Your name will not be given out except if there is a need to have you testify as a witness, which is very rare.

  • I’m the landlord and property owner, can I do building, electrical, plumbing and mechanical work in my rental units?
    A landlord and/or property owner can obtain a building permit and be responsible for building code compliance and required building inspections. Any electrical, plumbing or mechanical (HVAC) work is required by city ordinance to be completed by licensed electrical, plumbing and mechanical contractors.