Rental Rehabilitation Program

Rental Rehabilitation Program

The Rental Rehabilitation Program provides owners of registered rental property, low interest loans for materials utilized in exterior and interior rehabilitation. To be eligible for the program, the property must be in the Corporate Limits of the City of Sioux Falls. Additional information regarding the Rental Rehab Loan Program can be found on the application.


  1. Property must be located within the corporate limits of the City of Sioux Falls. 
  2. The property must be a registered rental property.  
  3. The property’s structure must be sound.
  4. The property may not have any outstanding liens.  
  • Exterior work including:  Roof, doors/windows/porches, steps/stairs, gutters/downspouts, siding, paint foundation repair and driveway approaches.
  • Interior work including Paint, wall repair, floor coverings, cabinetry and insulation.  Work requiring licensed contractors including plumbing, mechanical, and electrical also qualify. 
  • Materials for work completed by the owner.  

Property owners must have no active code cases. Property owners with a history of code violations may be denied.  Property owner must be current with mortgage, property taxes, insurance, and assessments.

You start the work after your loan is funded.  The application will contain supporting documents including estimates or bids.  Remember, any work completed prior to the loan execution will not qualify for funding or this program.   

No.  The program will not provide funding for the development of new rental units.
The first six months the interest rate is zero. Then the interest rate of three percent (3%).  
The term of the loan is five years. Your payments begin on the first day of the seventh month following the loan signing. 


Housing General Line:
(605) 367-8180

Housing Program Specialist:
Derek Mueller