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Shape Sioux Falls Chapter 8 Shaping Foundations and Revitalization Plans

Overall Intent: To conserve and/or revitalize the older or “foundation” neighborhoods. Strategy: Identify neighborhood conservation areas which will be the basis of a concerted and grassroots neighborhood planning effort. Implementation: Neighborhood planning and support programs, assistance, and development tools.

“Elements of a Neighborhood Plan” Conservation strategies are those steps, processes, and objectives that, when implemented, foster holistic conservation and strengthen neighborhoods.

Specific neighborhood conservation plans do the following:

  • Educate both City government and neighborhood residents about each other’s concerns and visions for the future.
  • Promote collaboration between the City and the neighborhood in order to achieve mutual goals and a shared sense of responsibility.
  • Create a “sense of place” within the community by identifying and developing the assets within the neighborhood.
  • Initiate change by addressing specific issues and opportunities.
  • Identify implementation steps which will lead to quality-of-life improvements and strengthening of the neighborhood.
  • Provide realistic and fiscally responsible direction for future activities in the neighborhood.


Neighborhood Services Coordinator
Diane deKoeyer

Neighborhood and Preservation Planner in lieu of Neighborhood Services Coordinator.
Contact information is the same.