Sioux Falls Comprehensive Plan

Shape Sioux Falls 2040


Comprehensive Plans provide for a framework to guide growth and development for a community. They help identify how much growth has occurred, how much growth is forecasted into the future (usually up to 25 years from the date of the plan), where and when growth is expected, and other details useful in providing details to plan public and private investment.

These details are generally determined by working through data available through the U.S. Census Bureau, City water, sanitary sewer, and street plans, and regional knowledge of past growth patterns.


The current plan, the Shape Sioux Falls 2040 Comprehensive Plan, provides for an update to the plan that was adopted in 2009. The most requested information from this plan are:

  • Future Land Use Map – Shows the general location of future zoning, as recommended by staff and what Planning Commission will make their rezoning recommendations based on.
  • Growth Area Map – Shows the areas in a three tiered view where streets, water, and sanitary sewer will likely be available and estimates when development could start to take place. This map also shows where the City and counties have joint authority in approving zoning matters and the City has platting jurisdiction (area within line labeled joint-jurisdiction boundary),
  • The Full Comprehensive Plan – A 282 page documents that provides details about the past and future of Sioux Falls through a ten chapter document.


Brief National History Timeline:

1916 – Nation’s first comprehensive zoning regulations – New York City

1924 – U.S. Department of Commerce issues Standards State Zoning Enabling Act

1926 – U.S. Supreme Court upholds constitutionality of zoning regulations – Village of Euclid v. Ambler Realty

Sioux Falls History Timeline:

1949 – South Dakota Comprehensive Planning Statues adopted

1950 – Harold Bartholomew Comprehensive Plan adopted – first comprehensive plan

1969 – Greater Sioux Falls Regional Comprehensive Plan adopted

1979 – Year 2000 Comprehensive Plan adopted

1996 – 2015 Growth Management Plan adopted

2009 – Shape Sioux Falls 2035 Comprehensive Plan adopted

2016 – Shape Sioux Falls 2040 Comprehensive Plan Update adopted