East Eighth Street Scape

Develop a streetscape that provides a distinctive street corridor and reinforces quality private development on adjacent sites to the corridor.

As a part of the Downtown Streetscape Assessment & Standards, general streetscape standards were assigned to each street within the Downtown Area. The Weber Avenue Corridor has been defined as a Moderate Activity area as defined below.

  • A moderate streetscape has typically 2-4 doors to businesses per block.
  • The units/building facades are usually very large and predominantly office, civic, or parking structures.
  • The Average Daily Traffic volume is typically less than 10,000 vehicles per day (Residential/Local, Collector road classification).

These guidelines are intended to provide a visual of what each corridor should generally look like in the future with coordination of future redevelopment and City reconstruction of the street.  Below are example visual images how a moderate streetscape would look and what street elements could be included.

Moderate Activity Corridor

Moderate Activity Corridor – Example Image

Moderate Activity Corridor - Street Elements Image

Moderate Activity Corridor – Street Elements Image


Planning Projects Coordinator
Jeff Schmitt