Tool-Kit - For the Zoning Interface

A Zoning District represents the color on the zoning map.  The zoning map’s color matches a zoning district.  You can find the zoning district name coupled with the color in the zoning map legend.  The zoning district’s name is shorten on the zoning map. The list of district names is found in the zoning ordinance.  For example, on the zoning map, the zoning district is RS.  The full name of this zoning district is RS-Single Family Residential – Suburban. 

A Zoning Form is not a color on the zoning map.  A zoning form is a category or a grouping.  Zoning form categories lay out what is allowed in the zoning district and what is required when development occurs. Not all forms are allowed in every zoning district.  Forms have a short code and a long name.  For example a form code is DD2, the long name is DD-2: Detached Dwelling-Suburban.

Putting it all together: The zoning map colors, zoning districts and zoning forms together function as one zoning code. For your convenience, the zoning interface has been created. The interactive zoning interface is color coded, representing the colors on the zoning map. The zoning districts are listed on the right of the interface. The list of the zoning forms allowed in each district is in the line of the zoning district. By clicking in the form, more details are provided.  

Go to the interactive Zoning Interface.

Uses:  Uses, sometimes referred to as land uses, are how land and buildings are designed, arranged or intended to be used. 

Forms are similar uses that are grouped together.  Some forms have very limited uses, while other have a wide range of allowed uses.  The form also specifies how big or small a lot of land can be, how much yard has to be provided and in certain forms how big a building can be.  

By using the Zoning Interface and clicking on the form code, detailed information about allowed uses, yards, and images of the form’s typical development are available.   

Zoning Interface





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