For Land-Use Transition

The land use transition tool-kit is designed to help landowners to understand what is required when a new non-residential development is proposed adjacent to an existing single-family residential homes or in some cases for aesthetic purposes along the street corridor.  Components of the tool-kit also identifies items that can make a better development project, but are not required by ordinance.

New developments in Sioux Falls should manage incompatibilities between land uses of different intensities, and provide seamless and smooth transitions from one land use to another.  (Chapter 5 – Shape Sioux Falls Comprehensive Plan). 

Redevelopment is considered appropriate for non-residential development when the higher traffic volumes along the street corridor make it more attractive for commercial, office and institutional developments.  Land uses further away from the street corridor transition from higher intensities such as commercial, to lower intensities such as single family residential. Transitional land uses can include offices, townhouses, and apartments.  




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