Minnesota Avenue Corridor Changes

Minnesota Avenue Corridor Study Phases

Shape Sioux Falls identifies the Minnesota Avenue Street Corridor as appropriate for some types of vertical mixed-use or similar streetcar (building oriented to the street) redevelopment.

As the City moves forward with plans to reconstruct Minnesota Avenue, streetcar zoning forms are encouraged along areas of Minnesota Avenue street corridor.

The Redevelopment Area is the area near the corridor that is projected to change to a non-residential land use and is most likely to redevelop in the future. (See tool kit for mixed uses.)

In addition, redevelopment areas require transitions in the site development plans (See “tool-kit” for site plan development)

The Transition Area is the area adjacent to any redevelopment property that includes transitional land uses such as office and multi-family. Land use helps transition from non-residential to residential land uses. (See the tool-kit for Land Use Transition).

In addition, transition areas are required site development transitions. (See “tool-kit” for site plan development)

The Maintenance Area is the area adjacent to the transition area. Maintenance areas are recommended to maintain the same land uses into the future.