Subdivision Ordinance

Subdivision Ordinance Updates

The Subdivision Ordinance is the control of the platting of undeveloped land into building lots and regulates how subdivisions develop streets and utilities. The subdivision ordinance was last updated in 2008, but only the process was updated. With this 2018 update, standards of the ordinance were updated based on input from stakeholders and citizens. The adoption process also needed some minor updates to work more efficiently. A community survey was completed in the spring of 2017 to ask citizens for input into the need for changes. A subcommittee of developers, surveyors, engineers and city staff met to recommend specific changes. Then, with the recommendation of the Infrastructure Review Advisory Board (IRAB), a proposed ordinance has been developed for recommendation. Below is a summary of some of the major changes proposed in this 2018 ordinance update.

  • Add new private streets standards.
  • Require a maintenance agreement for the private streets and utilities.
  • Define and add standards for flag pole lots.
  • Improve pedestrian and bicycle neighborhood connectivity.
  • Add standards to reserve new bicycle trail corridors.
  • Move some standards to the Preliminary Plan.
  • Clarify and make minor changes to the subdivision process.
  • Update the plat process to be consistent with state law.

To see the full Subdivision Ordinance updates see the file to the right. To comment, please e-mail to

  • Ordinance 157