Bicycle Planning

2023 Bicycle Plan

Please review the Final 2023 Bicycle Plan and provide comments below. The Active Transportation Board (ATB) will review and make recommendation on the plan at the July 19, 2023 ATB meeting (8:30 a.m. at Old City Hall).

2015 Sioux Falls Bicycle Plan Adopted
City Council approved by resolution the 2015 Bicycle Plan in August of 2015. The Sioux Falls Bicycle Committee spent 18 months working on this updated Bicycle Plan with a vision to “Make Sioux Falls a place where people want to ride their bicycle in all areas of the city.”
Very High Priority Goals

  • Develop a bicycle public education campaign to "Share the Road"
  • Develop a complete bicycle network that is both comfortable and safe for all level of bicyclists through the addition of new on-street and trail facilities as identified in the Bicycle Plan.
  • Adopt "complete street" ordinances and policies and design standards to accommodate all forms of transportation within each street right-of-way for all roadway or development projects.
  • Expand the bicycle trail so that any origin or destination in the city is located no more than one-mile from the trail.

High Priority Goals

  • Add a line-item in the city budget for on-street bicycle facilities and educational programs that will adequately fund plan strategies.
  • Add bicycle safety and Bike 101 programs.
  • Improve the condition of on-street bicycle routes and trails including enhanced street sweeping and pavement rehabilitation.
  • Complete bicycle projects by leveraging private resources with public dollars to maximize funding.

Moderate Priority Goals

  • Work towards gold-level Bicycle Friendly Status with the League of American Bicyclists.
  • Add one position at the City for a new full time bicycle and pedestrian coordinator.
  • Study the feasibility of a Bike Share program.