Zoning Form: DD4—Detached Dwelling—Historic Preservation (160.090 et al.)

Allowed Zoning Districts

Principal Use:


Accessory Use:

Permitted Special:


Dwelling, Single-family Detached


Home Occupations, Family Day Care, Accessory Dwelling Units—Attached and Detached, Residential Accessory Buildings
Conditional Use:
Bed and Breakfast

Bulk Regulations

See 160.084 for complete info

See 160.505 et al. “Additional Yard Regulations” for more info

Before building into any yard beyond the existing footprint, the owner must first adhere to the standards of 160.090 et al.

Front Yard:

20 ft -10 ft when front entry garage is recessed 10 more ft
On a corner lot, the two front yards must equal 30 ft

Side Yard:

5 ft -One side yard may be reduced to 2 ft in certain circumstances (160.672)

Rear Yard:

10 ft

Lot Frontage: 25 ft
Height: 35 ft
Back Driveway Example—Driveway must come off alley to garage.
Front Driveway Example—Must have recessed garage. 

Other Applicable Regulations (For complete information, see §§ 160.460 to 160.603)

Buffer Yard:

10 ft total adjacent to highways (160.488)


1 sq ft wall sign (160.570 et al.)


2 on-site spaces (160.550 et al.)


90% of all required front yard setbacks and buffer yards (160.485 et al.)


6 ft allowed except in front yard (160.480 et al.)

Alternative Site Plans:

For buffer yard and landscaping (160.594 et al.)