Zoning Form: DD6—Detached Dwelling—Newer Manufactured Home (160.110 et al.)

Allowed Zoning Districts

Principal Use:


Accessory Use:

Permitted Special:


Manufactured Home


Home Occupations, Family Day Care, Residential Accessory Building
Permitted Special:
Manufactured Home
*Permissible Spacing for Licensed Manufactured Home Parks Established after March 26, 1970.

Bulk Regulations


See 160.114 for complete bulk regulations

See 160.505 et al. “Additional Yard Regulations” for more info

Front Yard:

15 ft to street 20 ft to street for garages

Side Yard:

20 ft between homes

Rear Yard:

20 ft between homes


35 ft



Garage, canopy, accessory building over 200 sq ft or carport

10 ft to home (see Chart B below)


4 ft from any manufactured home and enclosed vestibule accessory bldg under 200 sq ft


Other Applicable Regulations (For complete information, see §§ 160.460 to 160.603)

Buffer Yard:

30 ft at edge of park adjacent to DD1, DD2, DD3, and DD4

10 ft at edge of park adjacent to highways (160.488)


1 sq ft wall sign (160.570 et al.)


2 on-site spaces (160.550 et al.)


90% of all required front yard setbacks and buffer yards (160.485 et al.)


6 ft allowed except in front yard (160.480 et al.)

Alternative Site Plans:

Allowed for buffer yard and landscaping alternatives (160.594 et al.)