Zoning Form: MD1—Multiple Dwelling—Small (160.170 et al.)

Allowed Zoning Districts (RA-1, RA-2, RA-2, LW, S-2, PO-PUD)

Principal Use:


Accessory Use:

Permitted Special:


Dwelling, Multiple Family


Home Occupations, Family Day Care, Residential Accessory Buildings, Off-Site Parking

Bulk Regulations


See 160.164 for all bulk regulations

See 160.505 et al. “Additional Yard Regulations” for more info

Front Yard:

25 ft On corners, one can be 20 ft 15 ft if provide open space with Alternative Site Plan (160.598)

Side Yard:

10 ft

Rear Yard:

10 ft


2 stories and 35 ft

Lot Frontage:

25 ft
Unit Limit:

No more than 24 units per structure

 MD1 MD1 top

Other Applicable Regulations (For complete information, see §§ 160.460 to 160.603)

Buffer Yard:

10 ft total adjacent to DD1, DD2, DD3, and DD4


50 sq ft for wall or freestanding not to exceed 6 ft in height (160.570 et al.)


1.5 spaces for 2 bedroom
2 spaces for 3+ bedrooms
0.75 spaces per unit for elderly (160.550 et al.)


90% of all required front (and for all others) yard setbacks and buffer yards (160.485 et al.)

Parking Lot Landscaping:

1 tree per 18 parking spaces (160.485)


Up to 4 ft fence allowed in front yard and up to 8 ft fence in other yards (160.480 et al.)
Fences are in some cases required with buffer yards or outdoor screening

Alternative Site Plans:

Allowed for buffer yard reduction and landscaping alternatives (160.594 et al.)