Zoning Form: RE2—Streetcar Retail Employment (160.270 et al.)

Allowed Zoning Districts (C-2, S-2, PO-PUD)

Principal Use:


Accessory Use:

Permitted Special:


General Retail and Services, Office, Places of Worship, Public Service Facility, Recreation Facility—Private, Cultural Facilities, Dwelling(s) Above the First Story


Accessory Alcohol, Off-Site Parking, Drive-through Service Window, Accessory Living Unit
Permitted Special:
Motor Vehicle Retail and Services, On-Sale Alcoholic Beverage Establishment, Full-Service, Restaurant, Off-Sale Alcoholic Beverage Establishment, Funeral Establishment and Mortuary, Kennel, Day Care Center

Bulk Regulations

See 160.274 for all bulk regulations

See 160.505 et al. “Additional Yard Regulations” for more info

Front Yard:

10 ft *5 ft with standards below

Side Yard:

0 ft

Rear Yard:

0 ft


35 ft and 2 stories
Max Size: Building no more than 25,000 sq ft or 167 parking stalls

*5 ft if recessed doors, 30% of facade is windows and same amount of landscaping (160.274)

*0 ft is possible with a streetcar alternative site plan (160.603)


Other Applicable Regulations (For complete information, see §§ 160.460 to 160.603)

Buffer Yard:

30 ft total adjacent to DD1, DD2, DD3, and DD4
15 ft total adjacent to DD5, DD6, DD7, AD1, AD2, AD3, AD4, and Greenway
10 ft total adjacent to MD1 and MD2 (160.488)

Buffer Reduction:



Building—1 sq ft/2 lineal ft of street or building frontage

Freestanding—40 sq ft and 8 ft in height to 100 ft of frontage 60 sq ft above that (160.570 et al.)


1 parking space for every 300 sq ft of floor area except for specified uses—restaurants, car wash, etc. (160.550)


90% of all required yard setbacks and buffer yards (160.485 et al.)

Parking Lot Landscaping:

1 tree per 18 parking spaces (160.485)

Parking Lot Design:

8.5 ft minimum stall width; 7.5 ft for compact cars

Parking lot layout and dimensions approved per Engineering Design Standards
Parking lots shall generally be hard surfaced
Divide parking lots with more than 200 spaces
Provide a direct and clearly defined pedestrian pathway from adjacent public sidewalk to building entrance (160.556)

Service Functions:

Screened or hidden from view (160.485)


No more than 8 ft in height except in front yard (160.480 et al.)


Within 150 ft of residential areas, lights shall be no more than 28 ft high (160.491)

Specific Standards—included in RE2 form standards (160.274)


35% of building abutting front yard setback


Front entrance or windows to street with articulation

Alternative Site Plans:

Allowed for buffer yard reduction, landscaping alternatives, parking reduction, and signage master plan (160.594)