South Veterans Parkway Update

Public Works Team

Corridor Overview - Veterans Parkway 

The South Dakota Department of Transportation and City of Sioux Falls will continue on with the southern portion of Veterans Parkway from I29 to 57th Street. The environmental update and final design will be starting shortly. Construction will begin in 2023. The first segment for construction will be dependent on the successful right of way negotiations.

Veterans Parkway Environmental Assessment, which consisted of the alignment and typical section, was approved by Federal Highway Administration in 2003 and will be updated in the upcoming months.

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On Tuesday, Sept. 22, the State of South Dakota Transportation Commission approved the plans to complete construction on the remaining 8.5 miles that make up the southern section of Veterans Parkway. This project will be transformational for the City of Sioux Falls and surrounding region. Design activities are anticipated to start in early 2021 with the first construction project in 2023.

The remaining 8.5 miles of Veterans Parkway, with today’s cost indexed forward to 2023 dollars, is estimated at $208.9 million, of which the South Dakota Department of Transportation will fund the six-lane corridor that is estimated at $176 million. The City of Sioux Falls will fund the arterial streets that connect to the corridor, which is estimated at $32.9 million.