Electric Light


To distribute public power throughout the city of Sioux Falls through electrical service territory to residential, commercial, industrial governmental entities. The maintenance of all City of Sioux Falls street lighting, and service to the customers in our territorial limits within the city.

Division Summary

The Electric Light and Power Division provides public power throughout defined service territories in the city of Sioux Falls to 2,900 customers including governmental entities, private residences, and businesses. In addition, the Electric Light and Power Division maintains over 22,500 street lights in Sioux Falls.

Sioux Falls Electric Light and Power receives a portion of its electricity from the Western Area Power Administration (WAPA). The City also receives supplemental power from Heartland Energy to meet its daily energy needs that exceed the City’s WAPA allocation. The Heartland Energy supplement also serves as a standby source should there be an interruption to WAPA’s supply.

In 2022, the City received over 42 million kilowatt hours (kWh) of energy from WAPA and over 50 million kWh from Heartland Power. 66% of this power is clean, renewable energy.

In 2016, the Light & Power Division began converting streetlights to new LED technology.  Starting in 2020 we increased from replacing 1,400-1,600 lights a year to replacing around 3000-4000 lights each year.  Increasing the average life of a bulb from 4 years to around 10 - 15 years and will use half of the electricity! The Electric Light and Power Division expects to have the City converted to LED by 2028.

In addition to the main light office at 2000 North Minnesota Avenue, the Division owns and maintains a power system of over 93 miles of overhead and underground distribution power lines. We also maintain an inventory of light fixtures, poles, and lamps for repairs and new street light installations.