Energy-Efficiency Rebate

In an effort to conserve energy, the City of Sioux Falls and Heartland Consumers Power District are offering residential and commercial energy-efficiency rebates to Sioux Falls Light and Power customers.

Five energy-efficiency rebates are available for residential and commercial customers. Click the rebates below to download the application. Please make sure to read the full application before applying to ensure eligibility and all requirements are met. 

All customers are required to dispose of old appliances and lighting properly and provide proof of proper disposal. Original receipts of purchases must be included in rebate application. 


Q. Can I apply for multiple rebates through the rebate program?
A. Each account is able to apply for each rebate for which it is eligible.

Q. I am not a City of Sioux Falls customer; am I still eligible for these rebates?
A. No. Only City of Sioux Falls Light and Power customers are eligible for these rebates. Check with your utility provider to learn about what rebates and incentives they offer.

Q. I noticed that the application says that the rebates are subject to availability. How can I find out if there are rebates available prior to application?
A. To inquire about rebate availability, contact the City of Sioux Falls Light Division at 605-367-6979.